Frequently asked questions


There are no charges associated with property valuation at Chase Buchanan Estate Agents. This comes with no strings attached. We base our valuations on hard data, such as recent selling prices of similar properties, and our vast industry experience. We don’t inflate property values just to secure your business. What we guarantee is an authentic opinion and bespoke advice on enhancing your property’s value before it goes on the market.

Truthfully, it varies. The average time to reach a sale agreement currently stands at 42.5 days (as of May 2023), and completion usually takes around 3-5 months. However, every property has its unique factors. At Chase Buchanan, we have specialised Sales Progressors who strive to expedite this process.

While it may sound cliché, the optimal time to sell is when it aligns with your personal circumstances. Although some periods might be more favourable than others, sometimes your decision might be influenced by factors beyond your control. Rest assured, when we evaluate your property, we make it a point to understand your situation and advise you on the ideal time to sell. This personalised guidance is integral to our service.

At Chase Buchanan, we believe in going beyond simply listing your property on Rightmove and waiting. Every property we handle benefits from professional photography, a virtual tour, and detailed floor plans using industry leading technology to create all of this within 24 hours. We make sure to boost your property’s visibility on social media and Google Ads to maximise the number of potential buyers exposed to your property.

Not at all, we can efficiently handle all viewings. In fact, it’s often better if owners aren’t present during viewings as it allows potential buyers to ask questions more freely, and we can immediately address their concerns. If you’re not around for a viewing, we suggest clearing any clutter and making the property as inviting as possible, for instance by opening the curtains for a warm, welcoming appearance.

During the valuation appointment, we’ll suggest measures to enhance your property’s value. While each property is unique, some general guidelines include taking care of minor repairs (like retouching scuffed paint or rehanging loose doors), and refreshing rooms if they appear worn out. Effective lighting can be a game-changer for sellers, so consider placing lamps in darker areas and ensuring all lightbulbs are functioning.